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Rochester sedation dentist relaxes fearful patients

Rochester sedation dentist, Brian Kritzman DDS, calms fearful patients with 2 specialized medications: nitrous oxide and oral tranquilizers. Both drugs work to bring a sense of relaxation to anxious individuals who need to get the dental services they deserve. From periodontal treatments to root canal therapy to tooth replacement procedures, sedation dentistry in Rochester gives individuals much needed calmness.

What scares dental patients?

Are worried about a dental check-up? Research shows that between 9 and 20 percent of adults in the United States postpone or abandon dental check-ups and procedures because of dental phobia.

At Kritzman Dental Arts, Dr. Kritzman and his staff encounter people who postpone their dental care and even endure toothaches, abscesses and broken teeth because of:

  • feelings of claustrophobia and invasion of personal space
  • past bad experiences at another dentist’s office
  • the sights and sounds of dental procedures and instruments
  • the neglected condition and appearance of their teeth and gums
  • sensitive teeth and strenuous gag reflexes
  • health conditions (back and neck pain) which make it difficult to stay still in the dental chair
  • fear of pain
  • worry about loss of control

The solution is Rochester sedation dentistry

When a gentle chairside manner and a warm, welcoming atmosphere aren’t enough, Dr. Kritzman advises sedation dentistry. Dr. Kritzman goes beyond simple pain shots (local anesthesia) to offer medication-induced relaxation with nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation.

Nitrous oxide, also called “laughing gas,” has helped anxious dental patients relax for decades. Administered via a nasal mask, this gas, mixed with oxygen, calms individuals so they sit still and remain relaxed while receiving treatments such as fillings, crowns and even multiple procedures. This inhaled drug induces a feeling of warmth and euphoria, or giddiness. Dr. Kritzman fully monitors individuals while using nitrous oxide. After treatments, laughing gas wears off very quickly--in about 15 minutes or less-- and patients can drive home from their appointments.

Oral conscious sedation is a pill taken while at home or in the dentist’s office just before treatment commences. Common sedatives include Ativan, Valium, Halcion and Versed. The drugs make patients relaxed and sleepy. Some even experience an amnesia about their procedures. Also, while they wake up easily when the work is over, friends or loved ones must drive them home.

The Rochester sedation dentist often uses numbing local injections together with nitrous oxide or oral medications for maximum comfort. Plus, many of Dr. Kritzman’s anxious patients are totally relieved of dental phobia.
Don’t be afraid

Dr. Kritzman and his team at Kritzman Dental Arts help many anxious patients. They will be happy to explain your sedation dentistry options and help you decide which one may be right for you. Contact the office by calling 585-442-1230 to arrange a sedation dentistry consultation, and get the dental services you need for optimal oral health.

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