Tooth Replacements

Tooth Replacements Fill in the Smile Gaps for Rochester Patients

Kritzman Dental Arts gives Rochester patients whole new smiles

At his Rochester restorative dentistry practice, Dr. Brian Kritzman has many options for patients who want to replace missing teeth. Tooth loss happens for a variety of reasons, including trauma, advanced gum disease, severe infections, and root canal issues. If you’ve experienced tooth loss, our restorative dentistry professionals at our Rochester office can replace your teeth … and make your smile wholly beautiful again!

Fixed Bridges Offer Restorative Dentistry Solutions for Rochester Patients

If you are missing a tooth, a permanent bridge can often be made to replace it. It should look and feel natural, without hooks or clasps, and stay in permanently, allowing totally normal function. When teeth are missing the remaining teeth begin to change position, and this can lead to numerous problems, including loss of more teeth. A fixed bridge will prevent teeth from shifting, and stabilize your bite. To have a bridge made, call our Rochester restorative dentistry office so Dr. Kritzman can evaluate your smile gap and discuss the parameters of your tooth replacement.

Full and Partial Dentures Replace the Smiles of Rochester Patients

If you’ve lost your natural teeth from gum disease, tooth decay or injury, dentures can replace your missing teeth and restore your smile. While you may miss your natural teeth, dentures make it possible for you to eat well, improve your appearance, fill gaps where natural teeth are missing and support your facial muscles so you can maintain your appearance. At Kritzman Dental Arts, will discuss your tooth replacement options and work with you to create an appropriate restorative dentistry treatment plan.

At our Rochester restorative dentistry practice, we have various types of dentures. A conventional denture is made and placed in the patient’s mouth after teeth are removed and the tissues are healed, which may take several months. An immediate denture is inserted as soon as the teeth are removed so the wearer does not have to be without teeth during the healing period.

Dentures require special care as does the rest of your mouth. Daily cleaning and regular dental visits are just as important for denture wearers as for people with their natural teeth. And our Rochester office, we’ll work with you to determine the best tooth replacement options for your restorative dentistry procedure. We even offer dental implant restorations!

If you feel anxious or fearful about dental appointments this is a very important question to ask. You want to work with a provider who understands their patients and has options for sedation. For this reason we offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to make sure you feel comfortable during your visit. For more information about our sedation services please visit our Sedation Dentistry page.

At Kritzman Dental Arts in Rochester, our tooth replacement options will give you a whole new smile! We serve Rochester, Brighton, Pittsford, Henrietta, and nearby communities. Make your appointment now at Kritzman Dental Arts or call us at 585-442-1230

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